Q.  What is the best way to contact you? 

A.  The best way to make an appointment is to email us directly at booking@internationalcitystudios.com, or fill out a contact form.  You can also leave a us voicemail at 562.494.6100.

Q.  I'm interested in renting one of your rooms.  What do I need to do? 

A.  Contact us to schedule a tour.  To secure a room, you must complete our lease agreement, submit the first month's rent, and a $100 security deposit.  We will give you one (1) copy of your room key, and a personalized entry code to the facility.

Q.  My band just broke up and we need to leave our room.  What do we do? 

A.  We require a 30-day written notice of your intent to vacate the room.  You may contact us through email or submit a letter to the ICS office (email is preferred).  Once you've moved out, ICS will conduct a final walkthrough to inspect the condition of the room.  Barring any exceptional damage (other than normal wear and tear), we will return your security deposit to you.

Q.  What happens if we have to leave our room without a 30-day notice? 

A. You forfeit your security deposit.

Q.  Can I live in one of the rooms? 

A.  No.  We are not zoned as a residential property.  If we suspect you are living on the premises, you will be asked to leave immediately, voiding your contract and forfeiting your security deposit.

Q.  What are the facility hours?  When can I use my room? 

A.  Monthly lockouts are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  However, your room cannot serve as your residence.  Hourly rooms are available during the hours listed on our Booking page. Click here to reserve an hourly room.

Q.  Where are you located? 

A.  3280 Industry Dr., in Signal Hill, CA 90755.  We are 2 minutes off the 405 freeway, halfway between Orange County and Los Angeles.

Q. Can I smoke inside?

A. NO! Smoking of any kind, candles, incense or any use of any open flame is strictly prohibited inside the building.  If you are caught smoking inside you will be asked to leave immediately, voiding your contract and forfeiting your security deposit.  Smoking is permitted outside. 

Q.  Mind if we turn it up to Eleven?

A..  Absolutely not!  Feel free to turn it up to Eleven; all of our rooms feature the latest in soundproofing construction materials and techniques.  (But please keep the door closed.)